Public Outreach

The Plan is being prepared in an open and transparent process with an emphasis on obtaining input from a balanced variety of public and private interests including state, local, and tribal governments, landowners, conservation organizations, agricultural commissioners, agricultural organizations, and the general public.  The planning process provides for thorough public review and comment, and includes a working group that will review the Plan at key stages of development and a Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Upcoming Meetings

No upcoming meetings at this time

Past Meetings

NOP Scoping Meeting
January 5, 2015

EIS/EIR Discussion
January 6, 2014
Notice Of Preparation (PDF) | Notice Of Preparation (DOCX)

Special Joint Study Session
February 12, 2013
session agenda | meeting presentation

Citizen’s Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee members are appointed by actions of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors and the Sutter County Board of Supervisors and City Councils of the cities of Yuba City, Live Oak, and Wheatland. The Committee’s primary purpose is to provide input from individuals and organizations with a specific interest in the lands, resources, activities, communities, businesses, and other concerns potentially affected by the Plan.  The committee functions as a standing advisory body to the two Boards of Supervisors for the duration of the planning process and is structured to ensure that a well-balanced variety of views are represented.  At the request of the Local Agencies, staff from the Wildlife Agencies will provide technical expertise and share information for the development and implementation of the Plan with the Advisory Committee.

Name Location Organization / Interest
Brian Williams Yuba County Open Space/Preservation
Lloyd Leighton Sutter County Land Owner
Kirsten Christopherson Yuba County Beale AFB: Environmental
Greg De Young Yuba County Wildlands Inc : Environmental
Bill Hampton Sutter County Manager,  Levee District One
Jon Munger Sutter County Agriculture
Cory Wilkins Sutter County Dir.  Middle Mountain Foundation
Eugene Comstock Yuba County Land Owner/ Recreational Interest
Davin Norene Yuba County Agriculture
John T. Larimer Jr. Yuba City / Marysville At Large
George Carpenter NA Land Owner
Joe Navari NA Conservation Organizations
Alison Shilling* NA Environmental Organizations
  • Pending Sutter County Board of Supervisors Approval