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The Yuba-Sutter Resource Conservation Plan (YSRCP) is a regional strategy for conserving species and habitats while still allowing for economic development. The YS RCP is both a federal Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and a state Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP). It is a voluntary plan that will provide streamlined Endangered Species Act and wetlands permitting for transportation projects, land development and other covered activities over the 50 year term of the permits. It will also provide comprehensive species, wetlands and ecosystem conservation and contribute to the recovery of endangered species within the Plan Area.

The YSRCP will replace the existing environmental permitting process that is unpredictable, inconsistent, time consuming, costly, and results in ineffective conservation. The Yuba-Sutter RCP will:

  • Reduce the cost and increase the consistency of the state and federal permitting process
  • Provide certainty of regulatory costs and requirements
  • Provide local control by consolidating and streamlining environmental permitting under one locally controlled plan
  • Provide improved habitat preserves for species
  • Protect the right of private property owners — conservation land acquisition will be through willing sellers only

All coordination, conservation, and impact determination will be done with the Plan’s regional context in mind. Environmental processes that create, evolve, and otherwise affect species and their habitats occur at a landscape scale. Therefore, under YSRCP, protection, avoidance, and mitigation meant to conserve species and their habitats will be considered at the landscape scale as well.

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